Friday, December 11, 2009


Today was so much fun! I spent the entire morning and afternoon at IKEA with Stefano's mom. It was so sweet of her to take me and so nice, because we are starting to grow closer to one another. We spent hours looking at all of the displays before going downstairs to start buying! I bought quite a few things, all for Stefano, but I do regret not buying the most perfect mirror that I found for only 23 euros. It was long and oval and would look great in our room. Maybe in the future I'll buy it.

For lunch, we ate inside the store at their cafe and I had: a chicken sandwich with slices of tomato, and a wrap with salmon and a sort of sweet & sour sauce. DELICIOUS! For dessert, cheese cake!

Tonight we ate dinner at his mom's house and she made homemade pizza, with lots of oil and lots of oregano, then we ate pieces of fresh cheese and bread, with slices of ham on top. It was a really beautiful day and a really special one, too!

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