Saturday, December 5, 2009

This morning I went for a walk around our district with my camera. I took some photos, and met some nice people along the way. Tonight I've been editing photos and deciding which ones to put up on etsy. Tomorrow morning, Stefano and I are going to take the metro downtown and proabably get off at Colloseo. I want to take some more photos while the temperature is still allowing.

For lunch today, I made us tuna melt sandwiches and soup with tiny pasta inside. It was so yummy but not filling enough, so afterwards we each made a bit more to eat. He had a wrap with chicken, mayo and cheese and I made some scrambled eggs with hot dog pieces cut up and mixed together. Then, fruit! :)

Yesterday I took a cab to my old work to collect the money I still hadn't been paid. I didn't want to take the bus and metro under the rain by myself while my leg is still like this, so I spent wayyyy too much on the cab ride, but at least I didn't hurt myself and it was a relaxing way to get to and from. It was nice to see the girls at work and chat again. It'd be nice to return there in the future- I just don't know when I'll be ready to go back yet.

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