Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stefano and I drove back out to the "Questura" today in the hopes of obtaining a permit for me to remain here legally during the therapy I have to do for my health. It didn't go bad, but I wouldn't say it went fantastic, either. We have to return a week from today and then they will tell us if they will make it for me or not. So, we'll see!

I'm listening to Gianna and Giorgia's new single, "Salvami" and waiting for Stefano to get home. He went to his mom's house a little while ago to fax some receipts home to my family for my health insurance. Tonight we are making homemade pizza! Half with cheese and tomato sauce and the other half with cheese and wurstel. Yumm, it's so delicous. And, yesterday I made ranch dip, so I really CANNOT wait for dinner!

Last year around Christmas time, Stefano had come to visit us in America, and we went to see the Blazers play at the Rose Garden. I can't express how beautiful that period was and how much fun we had.

It will be so neat to experience winter in Rome this year!


  1. oh the Questura! I've been to the one in Piacenza and I bet in Rome it's worse! Seriously, do the people who work there have to take grumpy pills as a requirement? Wishing you best of luck with that cuz I know what you are dealing with!

  2. Thanks so much! It's not easy, I've been here illegally for quite some time, but I've had recent health problems and I can't go back home because of it, so we are requesting a permesso di soggiorno for health problems. :(