Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Afternoon

This morning Stefano and I woke up very early to head to the hospital for my weekly visit. I had my blood drawn and then we went to a bar that's outside, but still inside the hospital. He purchased a cornetto with yellow cream for himself and one with chocolate for me, while we shared a fruit juice. We then had to find Chiara who gave us the forms to go have my x-ray done. Luckily, it was over pretty quickly, even if we won't have the results for a week from now.

Last night we took the bus from Laurentina all the way to Largo Argentina, in centro, and browsed the Feltrinelli bookstore.

It's one of my absolute favorites and, as with every bookstore, I could spend an eternity just looking around. We looked at the movies on sale, calendars, stationary, etc., before taking the bus back home.

On Monday, I made my first two real sales on etsy! Someone bought an 8x10 of my "Vintage Cars" print::

And one who purchased my "Eiffel Tower" print::

Photography is something that I love doing for myself personally, my own satisfaction, however it is very lovely to know that other people respect it as well, enough to even buy a print. <3

It's a little after one in the afternoon now and Stefano has the day off. We are making spaghetti with tuna and capers for lunch and then napping the day away together. I love him to pieces.

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